DZ09 Smartwatch Full Product Review

Many people have been asking about the DZ09 SmartWatch. It is a low-budget smartwatch which includes some pretty decent features. Currently, it is the best selling smartwatch at its price point. Why? It retails anywhere from $100 to $150. But you will find it on sale for just $30. Within this price, you are getting a smartwatch that can also work as a phone. By placing a sim card into the watch, you can use this smartwatch as a phone, without the assistance of another smartphone. You can talk directly into this watch, receive calls, send SMS, listen to mp3 files, view your phonebook log. Yeah, it is pretty good for a $30! 

A lot of websites are advertising DZ09 Smartwatch. The watch is made in China, but not all DZ09 Smartwatches are the same. Some are the generic ones made by different factories in China. Some are branded, where there is special instructions given to the manufacturer, ensuring a better quality product. 

Camera Review

Hey! I will be honest with you, the camera is horrible. It looks better on the watch than when you actually use it.  So you get a 0.3-megapixel camera with the watch. Not the greatest quality, but still having this feature will add value to the watch. Note: You cannot save pictures to the smartphone unless you have an sd card. The remote camera function is also available, which allows you to use your smartphone to view the camera image of the smartphone, or of the watch. 

Calling Quality

The speaker could have been made with louder sound quality. But it is not bad, as you can talk directly into the watch as the mic quality is good. Talking through the mic and listening work out well, so long as there isn't loud sounds around.   

Pedometer (Step counter)

I have noticed the step counter is somewhat accurate, But occasionally, it might not detect a few steps. That being said, it still is great to track your steps while you go for a walk or run. 

Sleep Sensory 

This function is for detecting the quality of your sleep. Wear this watch to bed and by the number of movements you make while sleeping, it will let you know whether you are having a good or bad sleep. 

dz09 description

Facebook - Whatsapp - Twitter

These applications work, so long as you have a SIM card and SD card inserted. They work perfectly fine. Some of the older DZ09 watches did not have these apps, but it seems the newer ones do have them. 

Face Modes

By clicking the middle button twice quickly, you are able to change the face to choose from the different clock faces. Pretty neat feature.

Can I use DZ09 without a SIM card?

Yes, you can. Just connect the watch to your smartphone via Bluetooth, and you can use the call feature, sending SMS, listening to your music, viewing your phonebook, being able to receive and reject calls. You can use the step-counter, sedentary reminder, and sleep monitor. Just download the Bluetooth Notification App from the Play Store, and it will be easy to use the Bluetooth functions. 

Where can I buy one from? 

You can buy it practically from anywhere. We at also sell this watch. The difference is our DZ09 has been branded by our brand name "Smart", and it has been built according to our specifications to ensure the quality is not compromised. 

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DZ09 Watch Review